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FC03: Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium

    As one of the world's premier aquariums, and one dedicated to the habitats and species of the Monterey Bay Sanctuary, MBA recognizes that teachers are essential partners in fulfilling its conservation, education, and science goals. MBA values educators and takes pride in offering exceptional, free PD to teachers throughout the year. Take a field trip to experience hands-on activities, learn about programs for teachers and students, touch and discover tide pool exhibits, and receive discounts at the bookstore and gift shops. Teachers will be given VIP treatment with early admission, a behind-the-scenes tour, participate in up-close encounters with marine species and ocean activities in the Discovery Labs. After visiting the Aquarium teachers are free to roam the wonderful stores, restaurants, galleries, etc. of Cannery Row and enjoy the beautiful ocean breezes and vistas while shopping. Participants will be provided with a lunch break to purchase lunch on their own.
    Tickets: $72

    Type Field Course
    Grade Level All
    Emphasis Technology
    Track Environmental Science, Life Science
    Partner, Program, and/or PD Strand Monterey Bay Aquarium Partner Strand

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