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Awards Breakfast: How to Grow a Green Schoolyard and School Garden

    The event features a hot, plated breakfast, the presentation of awards, and a speaker.
    Witness the presentation of the 2012 Future Science Teacher Award to Josiah Jones of CSULB, the 2012 Margaret Nicholson Distinguished Service Award to Dean Gilbert, the 2011 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching California to Dean Baird, and the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching California State Finalists: Nathan Fairchild, Michelle French, and Alma Park.
    The awards presentation will be followed by a talk from Arden Bucklin-Sporer, Executive Director of the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance: "How to Grow a Green School Garden".
    Tickets: $39
    How to Grow a Green Schoolyard and School Garden
    Reclaiming a piece of neglected schoolyard and transforming it into an ecologically rich green schoolyard is one of the most beneficial activities that parents, teachers, and students can perform together. Green schoolyards substantially improve the appearance of school grounds while creating hands-on resources that allow teachers to lead exciting "fieldtrips" without ever leaving school property.
    A green schoolyard provides an opportunity to connect students to the natural world by teaching the values of environmental stewardship and the importance of nutrition and health. The opportunities to connect to classroom curriculum are endless. 
    We will see examples of designs for edible gardens, wildlife habitats, rainwater catchment systems, and solar energy generation projects that transforming the conventional school playground into a living-learning laboratory. This will be a comprehensive presentation about developing, planning, building, and maintaining green schoolyards and school gardens. 

    Arden Bucklin-Sporer has worked with green schoolyards and public...

    Type Meal Event
    Grade Level All

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