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Next Generation Success: By Innovation Only

    Dynamic changes are occurring at unprecedented rates in our information-rich, highly visual, and interconnected "flat" world necessitating quick, adaptive, and inventive (not "standardized") thinking. Creative thinking is superseded by "standardized" thinking, which is easier to assess, but no longer in demand in the "Innovation Age." Most American 8th grade students know how to multiply 9 X 5, but the vast majority does not know when to do so. The overarching goal of education should be to teach students to think and problem solve (including problems that do not exist yet). Innovative thinking is often eliminated or neutralized in schools by standardized thinking, although creativity turns out to be three times stronger than IQ as a predictor or lifetime success and accomplishment. Nothing is more important to our collective future than teaching flexibility in thinking, finding multiple answers, visualization, and inventive thinking.

    Kenneth Wesson is a former higher education faculty member and...

    Type Focus Speaker
    Partner, Program, and/or PD Strand New Teacher PD Strand

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