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Writing and Science: Scaffolding Instruction to Develop Scientific Thinking, Understanding, and Writing

    This presentation will introduce a research-based approach (developed, in part, with NSF funding) in which teachers use scaffolding and modeling to help elementary students learn how to think, speak, and write as scientists do. The focus of instruction in this approach is not literacy but science, which determines the forms of communication that students learn. Through student notebook entries and a video of a classroom in which a teacher is implementing the approach, the session will present strategies that conference participants can use immediately in their own classrooms.

    Consultant | Betsy Rupp Fulwiler is the developer of the nationally...

    Type Focus Speaker
    Grade Level All
    Emphasis Literacy-EL
    Track Multidisciplinary Science
    Partner, Program, and/or PD Strand New Teacher PD Strand, Primary Strand

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