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FC01: Body Flight and the Physics of Terminal Velocity

    iFLY is an indoor skydiving facility, consisting of a 1000 horsepower wind tunnel and flight chamber for skydivers. The wind rushes upward past you at 120 mph and supports you against gravity; you don’t fall. You will experience the same activities that your students would on a field trip there. The course includes "jump training", two flights in the flight chamber with an instructor, an experimental session measuring the terminal velocity and stability of objects in flight, observing turbulence and measuring airspeed/pressure with aircraft instruments. A short lecture on fluid dynamics and aerodynamic drag is presented, customized to the student grade level of teachers who attend. In addition you will tour the air gathering portion of the facility (plenum) where you can stand in the wind and watch fliers overhead. The usual price for flying is $50+. (A bottle of water and granola/snack bar will be provided.)
    Tickets: $30
    Type Field Course
    Grade Level All
    Emphasis Technology
    Track Physics
    Tags Field Course, Physics

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