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Renny Talianchich

I am an Education Specialist at the California Academy of Sciences. I love the "surprise" moments when students conduct experiments and the insights they bring to our discussions. Formative assessments for lesson development, inquiry-based science teaching and the biology of our natural world are all interests of mine.

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Rich Mooi

Rich Mooi is Curator of Echinoderms at the California Academy of Sciences and Research Professor at San Francisco State University. He received his B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. at the University of Toronto. His overarching research interest is the origin of evolutionary novelty, which he analyses in the context of phylogenetic systematics and evolutionary biology of echinoderms. His first scientific love is, and always will be the sand dollars. Because sea urchins such as sand dollars fossilize well, they are increasingly involved in paleontological projects that add measures of real time to his study

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Richard Kinney

I am the 2015 CLHS region 7 Teacher of the year and California State University, Fresno Kremen School of Education 2016 Noted Alumni with 24 years in middle school, last 5 years in HS. Engineering Design process lessons are the NEW scientific method and are more dynamic and FUN!!!!You will come away from this session with something you can use on Monday and a whole new set of ideas to engage your students for months more.

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Rick Pomeroy

Past President CSTA; Science Educator, University of California, Davis; Director, UC Davis Young Scholars Program

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Robert Curtis

I recently joined Pivot Learning as Vice President for Education Programs in October 2018. I am interested in educational justice and creating learning environments where both adults and students can flourish. I have extensive experience working nationally with school, district, post-secondary and workforce leaders to transform schools to better serve all students. I have a strong background as a leader in instruction and science education and have previously served as a leadership coach, Director of Curriculum and Instruction and Director of the STEM Center at Alameda County Office of Education... Read more

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Robert Sherriff

I've been teaching science for 28 years, with the last 18 years at Winston Churchill Middle School as part of the International Baccalaureate program. My career has consisted of teaching 6th, 7th and 8th grade science, 2 years teaching math. In the past I've been a staff developer for the California Science Project-INC and K-12 Alliance/West Ed, providing district leadership in science through committees, and often as science department chair for 12 of my 22 years. I was a reviewer for our past 6-8 science textbooks and for 6 years I've was a science judge for the state wide "Environmentality... Read more

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Robin Keith

I'd love to talk about how zoos and aquariums can harness our collective power to combat the illegal wildlife trade.

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Rosalie Van Zyl

Rosie Van Zyl is a teacher at Nobel Middle School - Math/Science Technology Magnet in Northridge, California.  She has 12 years teaching experience and earned her Master's degree in Science Education in 2006 and is a National Board Certified Teacher in 2008. She currently teaches 6th and 7th grade Science. She is also the yearbook adviser.  Rosie is also an AFT (American Federation of Teachers) trainer of trainers in their highly acclaimed professional development program.

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Rose James

I'm teaching marine biology for the first time, along with biology and earth science.

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Sandi Yellenberg

Sandi holds a Master’s degree in Educational Administration from Santa Clara University, a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Washington University in St. Louis, and a multiple subject credential with a supplemental credential in science.  She has presented numerous times for Regional, State, and National Conferences such as California Science Teachers Association, CUE National Conferences, National Association for Bilingual Educators, and National Science Teachers Association.  She was also invited to  present on several STEM teaching topics in Beijing, China. 
Sandi started her formal teaching career at Van Meter School in LGUSD, advancing to the district’s Science and Math Mentor where she was honored to be named their Teacher of the Year in 2004.  In 2006, Sandi began working for the Santa Clara County Office of Education where she contributed to the Curriculum and Instruction Department winning the prestigious Golden Bell Award from the California School Board Association in two different years.  Sandi is passionate about educating people in all things math and science as well as helping teachers to integrate these subjects across all content areas... Read more

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Sandra Derby

I am the new California Coordinator for Project Learning Tree. Although I am new to PLT, I am not new to Environmental Education. I have spent my professional career teaching and learning in the field of Environmental Education- it is what I love to do. I am looking forward to bringing new experiences into the PLT network so that this amazing program continues to deliver high quality environmental education to engaged educators!

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Sarah Delaney

Sarah manages SFUSD’s Science team in the Office of Curriculum & Instruction. She leads the team’s work to transition to the Next Generation Science Standards content and practices for K-12 science education in the district.

Sarah's experience includes six years as a middle school science teacher, four years as a professional development provider and instructional coach, a year of as the SFUSD Environmental Literacy Content Specialist, and an exciting summer spent teaching science to three and four year olds. She has led teacher professional development on using science notebooks to suppor
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Sarah Sneed

Physics Teacher at Montclair High School

Chaffey Joint Union High School District

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Sarah Soule

Teacher Services Educator
California Academy of Sciences

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SETI Institute

Visit us for NASA posters, astronomy, exoplanet & biology lessons and IR Camera demonstrations. SETI Institute is a leading astrobiology research center offering PDF curriculum files and professional development opportunities. 

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Society for Science & the Public

Society for Science & the Public is dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education and to promote the understanding and appreciation of science and the vital role it plays in human advancement:   to inform, educate, and inspire. 

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Stacey Wheeler Holder

I am passionate about making people around me have light bulb moments when they finally learn something that makes sense. I love the slightly frustrated look in the eyes of someone who feels on the verge of giving up...and then when they figure out something that leads to something else and then......BAM! Their eyes light up ad their new discovery will never leave them.

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Susan Boudreau

Inquiry and issues based science that's playful yet rigorous. New ideas to inspire me and my students. Integrating art, storytelling, technology, sports, games and food into science. Finding ways to increase student choice, voice with projects. Improving interactivity of instruction.

I love helping new teachers, blogging, photography, climbing and conversation. And my family and friends of course!

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Terri Moss

Terri Moss is a certified Chemistry and Mathematics teacher. She has traveled and lived many places and has taught in Texas, Maryland, London, California, Germany and South Carolina. She has taught all levels from middle school to university. She has been at Westwood since it opened.

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The Tech Museum

The Tech Museum is a hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds. The museum-located in the Capital of Silicon Valley - is a non-profit learning resource established to inspire the innovator in everyone. Through programs such as The Tech Challenge, our annual team design competition for youth, and internationally renowned programs such as The Tech Awards, The Tech Museum celebrates the present and encourages the development of innovative technology for a more promising future.

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The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation is the must-do Silicon Valley experience. Explore how technology affects the way we live, work, play, and learn with our hands-on exhibits and 8-story IMAX films.
All programs and galleries are inspired by the innovative science and technology of Silicon Valley, and designed to captivate your students through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). All programs meet California Content Standards. 

The Tech offers scholarships to provide free admission for field trips for California K-12 schools. We inspire the innovator in everyone. Learn more about our learning programs, educational library and The Tech Challenge, our team design challenge, at our booth... Read more

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Thomas Lau

Have been teaching for 15+ years at Baldwin Park USD. Work with all level of students from Elementary to High School. I have worked on Math and Science Curriculum for the school district. Always actively searching for proven methods to increase student learning and then share them with my coworkers. Outside of the school setting, I’m an active member of the Golden State Bonsai Federation where I blend the Art and Science into visual media.

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Tim Herman

MSOE Center for BioMolecular Modeling

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Tim Williamson

Tim Williamson is immediate past president of CSTA and is a Single Subject Science Credential Coordinator/Advisor in the Department of Science Education at CSU Long Beach. Tim is also the District XVI Director of the National Science Teachers Association Board of Directors.

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UC Online Academy

UC Online Academy is a virtual learning platform that uses multimedia and structured learning exercises to make AP, Honors & "a-g" College Prep courses available to students throughout CA & beyond.

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Uwe Bergmann

Uwe Bergmann, a graduate from Stony Brook University, is a Senior Staff Scientist at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in Stanford, where he is the Deputy Director of the Linac Coherent Light Source. His research activities have focused on the development and application of novel x-ray spectroscopic techniques including various high-resolution photon-in photon-out spectroscopies and x-ray fluorescence imaging. His scientific interests include studies of the structure of water and aqueous solution, active centers in metalloproteins in particular the photosynthetic splitting of water, hydrocarbons

... Read more

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Valerie Joyner

Retired Elementary Science Educator

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W. Travis Nelson

I am interested in hearing about how people are utilizing Google Classroom to improve their teaching practice, run station rotations, and applying John Hattie's research to classroom activities. I loved the book "Rethinking Grading" by Cathy Vatterott. I also interested in learning how teachers use Chromebooks in math classes.

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