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Kay Barrie

Wife-Grandma-Mom-Teacher. Life... Passionate about life. Passionate about teaching. I try to inspire young minds through exploration, investigation, & technology.

~ 8th grade Rocks!

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Ken Wesson

Kenneth Wesson is a former higher education faculty member and administrator. He delivers keynote addresses on the neuroscience of learning for educational organizations and institutions throughout the United States and overseas. His audiences range from early childhood specialists to university-level educators. Wesson’s international audiences have included educators and administrative officers from six of the world’s seven continents.  His research is frequently published and referenced in Parents Magazine, HealthNet, and the journal Brain World.

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Kendia Herrington

Teaching a passion of learning especially to see science everywhere around you is always my goal. I love to open the eyes of my chemistry students to how amazing the world is around them and to give them a passion to learn.

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Kevin McLin

Kevin McLin is an astronomer and the GTN Director with the NASA E/PO Group at Sonoma State University. When he isn't thinking about stars and galaxies he likes climbing up mountains, skiing down them, or just hanging out in them.

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Kimberly Calderon

Kim has taught 6th, 7th & 8th grade Science over the last 8 years in Fowler, CA. She is currently teaching 7th & 8th grade Science, along with piloting/designing the districts first STEM class. Kim also coaches the schools Science Olympiad and Science Bowl teams as well as working with students participating in Science Fair. She integrates technology in to her lessons when applicable but also values the hands-on/experiential aspects of science that can't always be replicated on a computer.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Cal Poly, SLO & a Masters Degree in Education Administratio... Read more

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Kirk Brown

Kirk is Director of STEM at San Joaquin County Office of Education. He is also co-director of the Delta Sierra Science Project, a six county region of the California Science Project. In addition, he is regional science-lead of the Curriculum and Instruction Subcommittee of the California County Superintendent’s Educational Services Association. Kirk was also a member of the NGSS State Review Team and the NGSS Science Expert Panel, helping California adopt the NGSS state standards for science. In addition, he was one of the writers of the Revised CA Science Framework.

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Increase your students ' understanding of science with multimedia resource from a trusted source. Learn how to access free videos, interactive graphics, standards-based lessons and more from KQED and other PBS stations.

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Kristen Wolslegel

Manager, Education Programs

Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium

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Kristin Majda

I am passionate about STEAM education. I believe the 'A' for Art is important because it is necessary to foster creativity, spacial reasoning, and design skills to be successful in many science, technology and engineering professions.

Formerly a high school and community college science teacher, I now work for Santa Paula Unified School District as a STEAM Literacy TOSA (teacher on special assignment). In this role, I train and mentor teachers in implementing the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). I also oversee several district programs like our Family Science Night and Dinner with a ST... Read more

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At LAB-AIDS, we believe students should experience science and be encouraged to question how it relates to them and the world around them. We do this by providing students with hands-on activities that excite them in science, integrate math and are relevant to their own lives. We use a field-tested, hands-on, issues-based approach that builds scientific knowledge and embodies the STEM concept to deliver college and career ready programs and products.

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Larry Flammer

Retired in 1997 after 38 years teaching mostly CP Biology.
Built the ENSI website in 1998, currently webmaster of this very active site (Evolution and Nature of Science Institutes).
Have written a student text for teaching NOS in conjunction with several of the NOS lessons on the ENSI site.

Full Bio at http://www.indiana.edu/~ensiweb/larry.html

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Maggie Reinbold

Maggie Reinbold serves San Diego Zoo Global as Director of Community Engagement. In this role, Maggie oversees and supports the work of the in-house and community-based conservation teams as they design and implement programs that connect communities to conservation for the benefit of wildlife and habitats.

Maggie’s work focuses on strengthening our efforts to enlist local and global community members in the fight against extinction. She works to connect teachers and their students with the science of saving species via our Teacher Workshops in Conservation Science and through the programs of the Conservation Education Lab and Eddy Family Outdoor Learning Lab. She also oversees course design and instruction for our Advanced Inquiry Program and supports innovative projects that address the human dimensions of conservation at field sites around the world. Maggie’s work involves fostering key partnerships... Read more

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Maribel Villalobos

Love to teach, learn and help.

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Mark Friedman

Teaching Marine Biology and Physio-Anatomy and offering inner-city Title-one students all the possible special opportunities to pursue a future in the sciences.

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Mark McCaffrey

Keenly interested in doing everything possible to prepare young people for climate and global environmental changes that are already well underway.... and having them understand the basics of 21st century science is an important piece of the puzzle.

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Mark Salata

We create off-line, interactive science eBook apps - ScienceWerkz - for tablets (iPad, Android OS) and computers (Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS). Included for tablets is an online learning management system called ClassWerkz. Download a free eBook app today!

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Mary Miche

Mary Miche has been passionate about environmental education for elementary students for over 30 years. Right after college she worked at a number of outdoor schools for about 5 years. She then spent the next ten years doing environmental education music for elementary schools. After recording and selling 100,000 sing along environmental education music CDS, Mary has now finished her latest project: a book for teachers and naturalists to use to help children understand and appreciate the natural world. Come sing along with Mary and experience her new book.

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Maureen Angle

Science Teacher
Segerstrom High School

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Megan Whitaker

New school year is getting underway. Everything is awesome so far. Looking forward to an amazing third year at Pacoima MS. Let's see...I'm 29, an 8th grade teacher, and an avid concert goer. I've become a gym fanatic and am looking forward to running in some more 5Ks.

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Michele Derbyshire Hetland

The Pessimist is just the Optimist with experience. I have been married to Dave since 1995. I have two kids, a daughter born in 2000 and a son born in 2003. Sadly I drive a minivan and attend soccer games on the weekend. ;)

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Michelle French

Staff Developer and Classroom Teacher
Wilson Elementary School

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Mike Hotell

West Campus
Sacramento City USD

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Mitch Weathers

Mitch is a high school teacher, adjunct college professor, and founder of Organized Binder. He is passionate about helping educators couple noncognitive skills and executive functions with content to help all students succeed. He designed a platform to help teachers make this a reality in the classroom.

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Nancy Taylor

Engaging students with digital resources to describe their understanding of how they approached a problem, what questions they had, the process . . . is having a powerful impact on learning in the STEM disciplines. Join me on Saturday at 11am to preview SDCOE's online learning centered on Project Based Learning!

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Nancy Yamamoto

Project Supervisor

avatar for National Center for Science Education (NCSE)

National Center for Science Education (NCSE)

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) is a not-for-profit membership organization that defends the teaching of evolution and climate science in the public schools. 

avatar for National Science Teachers Association

National Science Teachers Association

Stop by the National Science Teachers Associations Competitions Booth and learn about programs for K-12 students and teachers for 2012-13.  Get information on programs to benefit your students, your school along with you and your colleagues. 

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Nicole Medina

Multimedia Producer
Lawrence Hall of Science
University of California, Berkeley

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Nikki Luckin

We are all members of recently redesignated Schools to Watch middle schools in Sanger Unified which is a school district in Fresno County. We are 7th and 8th grade science teachers who come from the following K-8 schools: Fairmont, Sanger Academy, and Quail Lake. Throughout the school year we regularly meet as a Professional Learning Community to address unit development, best practices, and opportunities to connect our areas of content.

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Pamela Harman

Education and Outreach Manager
SETI Institute

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Paul Doherty

Physicist, teacher, author, and rock climber.
After graduating summa cum laude from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT class of 1970, physics) he earned his Ph.D. in solid-state physics from MIT in 1974.

In 1986, Paul came to the Exploratorium Teacher Institute and began his exhibit-based explorations in science. He became the co-director of the Teacher Institute in 1990 and the founding director of the Center for Teaching and Learning in 1992. Since 1997 he has been a senior staff scientist at the Exploratorium. In 2002 he was awarded the Distinguished Teacher Award by the Ameri

... Read more

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avatar for PG&E Solar Schools Program

PG&E Solar Schools Program

The PG&E Solar Schools program teaches the value of renewable energy and energy efficiency to K-12 public schools in Northern and Central California. By turning school buildings into hands-on science experiments, this program makes science fun and teaches students how their everyday actions can positively impact the environment.

The PG&E Solar Schools Program includes a solar-based curriculum training package, workshops for teachers and Bright Ideas grants. Since its inception in 2004, PG&E shareholders have contributed more than $9 million to the PG&E Solar Schools program.


... Read more

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Professor Jonathan Osborne

My career started by teaching science in London comprehensives in 1972 for 9 years.  Curently I am the Kamalachari Professor in Science Education, Emeritus, in the Graduate School of Education, Stanford University in California but now back in the UK. I was President of the US National Association for Research in Science Teaching (2006-7) and won their award for the best research publication in the Journal of Research in Science Teaching twice (2003 and 2004), and the Distinguished Contribution to Science Education Award in 2018.  I was a member of the US National Academies Panel that prod... Read more

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