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Eldridge Moores

Eldridge Moores is an award-winning world-famous Professor in the Geology Department at UC Davis. He has made major contributions to knowledge of Plate Tectonics, particularly of California and surrounding regions. He is prominently featured in New Yorker writer John McPhee's best-selling books, "Assembling California" and "Annals of the Former World". He has worked towards increased public awareness of Earth science, particularly in California, as it straddles a plate boundary, and crucial 21st century issues of Earth hazards, climate change, water, and energy resources.

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Elisa Storke

TESOL Instructor
University of Nevada, Reno TESOL

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Emily Gottlieb

I coordinate a citizen science program called LiMPETS that takes students out to sandy beach and rocky intertidal ecosystems to collect ecological data.

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Emily Williams

This is my 15th year teaching 7th Grade Life Science and I love it! I am always excited to learn new techniques and ways to approach the curriculum.

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Gina Ford

Twelve Bridges Middle School

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Greg Brown

As Director of Education at RAFT, my job is to make it EASY and FUN for all teachers to teach STEM. We offer over 700 Idea Sheets that address EVERY MATH and SCIENCE STANDARD in grades K-8 (http://www.raftbayarea.org/). We also offer almost 100 pre-packaged activity kits at our on-line store (http://www.raftstore.net/). Even more important to me is the chance to talk to you about the REAL CHALLENGES you face getting ready to teach the new science standards. We have just what you need to succeed! Look for me at the conference - I will be the guy holding a science project and wearing a beanie-copter... Read more

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Gwendolyn Jefferson

I am a dedicated Biology Teacher at Wilmer Amina Carter High School in Rialto, CA. I endeaver to prepare my students for today's careers through teaching STEM concepts using inquiry methods.

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Heather Glanz

One of my true loves lies in teaching. That moment when a student's eyes and face light up because of something you taught them, that they finally "got", or when they try something new and they are amazed with the results. I love being a part of that! I love the idea that as educators, we can open a whole new (or a different world) to our students. A world in which they may not have truly seen or experienced before. It is a great feeling to open that door to learning, to exploring, and to ignite that flame within them, so they thirst for more!

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Heather Parker

Science Teacher

Williams Jr./Sr. High School

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Hilary Staples

I have been an educator for 20 years, both in the field and in the classroom. I believe in bringing relevance to education by working with the important topics of personal and environmental health, technology in education, brain research, and investigating connections through systems thinking. I am enthusiastic about exploring ways to bring science to life using both the natural world and the tools of technology. One of my favorite ways to integrate innovation with a reverence for nature is through Biomimicry. I incorporate this idea into my classes and I am a public speaker on the topic for... Read more

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Jeff Bradbury

Using iPads in the college chemistry classroom.

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Jennifer Hladun

Twelve Bridges Middle School

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Jennifer Horton

Jennifer Horton teaches Biology and Forensic Science at Lincoln High School in Lincoln,CA.

She attended the Innovations in Science Instruction Through Modeling (ISIM) institute in 2009 and has been teaching with model based reasoning(MBR)lessons for the past 3 years. These lessons help the teacher guide students to their own understanding of science concepts and allow them to reason with them, instead of just teaching the information.

Her first career was as a salmon biologist in Alaska, then she and her husband spent 7 years sailing on their Nor' Sea 27, cruising boat. Their boat is... Read more

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Jennifer Rilea

Life is still good

I am just a fun girl who likes to work hard and play hard.

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Jessica Neely

Project Manager, Science Education
KQED Public Broadcasting

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Jessica Sawko

CSTA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to promote high-quality science education. Our membership of more than 3,000 represent science educators TK-University and informal science. CSTA works daily to ensure a high-quality science education for all students, every day of every year. We work hard to ensure the successful implementation of the California Next Generation Science Standards. CSTA has a leadership role in several statewide networks that have developed professional development, tools for reviewing instructional materials, and more. In Sacramento, CSTA works with policy... Read more

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John Boyce

> Education Director at iFLY SF BAY

> Substitute Teacher

> Commercial Glider Pilot

> FAA Certified Flight Instructor

> Former Semiconductor Engineer

Passionate about life in general

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Jon Welte

As Education Program Manager for the Hiller Aviation Museum, I develop and promote hands-on science curriculum supporting the Museum's mission of furthering aerospace education.

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Julie Smith

Science Teacher
Lennox Middle School

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Julie Strong

I hold a Ph.D. in Immunology but moved from research to teaching over 15 years ago after falling in love with education while volunteering in graduate school. My courses incorporate active learning in groups and a focus on student-driven investigations of real-world problems. I also serve as the Upper School Dean of Faculty, mentoring teachers and designing professional development.

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Karen Cerwin

Regional Director
K-12 Alliance/WestEd

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Karen Larson

I joined the Educational Technology Services team at the Santa Clara County Office of Education in 2013. My prior experience includes 15 years of teaching and site administration. During this time I have lived and breathed the integration of technology into my curriculum, and now, into innovative technologies. I hold all four Leading Edge certifications and am a Google Certified Trainer. Follow me on our blog, Communicate...Create... Ed Tech at www.ccedtech.org!

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Karis McFarlane

Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Karis grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and spent a lot of time in the woods canoeing and camping with her family. She received her Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from DePaul University in Chicago. As a college student, she worked as a research assistant studying restored prairie, oak savanna, and woodlands. Her interest in forest ecology led her to Syracuse, New York where she earned her Master's degree in Forest and Natural Resources Management at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. She then moved to the West Coast to pursue her PhD in Forest Engineering with a... Read more

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Katy Korsmeyer

BABEC was incorporated in 1996 to more fully address the need for biotechnology resources in local schools. To accomplish our mission, BABEC and its partnerships work with teachers, educators, scientists, industry and academia to develop, disseminate, implement, and sustain contemporary laboratory-based biotechnology curricula that increases professional skills of the classroom teacher, capture the interest and challenge the capabilities of our students.

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