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Arden Bucklin-Sporer

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Arden Bucklin-Sporer has worked with green schoolyards and public school gardens in San Francisco for 15 years, building an award-winning school garden program as a public school parent and working closely with school districts at the local, state and national level in order to promote and advocate on behalf of outdoor classrooms.  Winner of the 2000 Give Back to Grow National Garden Educator of the Year Award, Arden has worked to integrate school gardens and outdoor classrooms with the broader goals of the San Francisco Unified School District.  Arden is SFGSA’s first executive director, and has taken the organization from a volunteer force to a widely recognized and trusted professional organization.  She is co-author of How to Grow a School Garden; a Guide for Parents and Teachers, published by Timber Press in July 2010.  She has presented at national youth gardening conferences and led a number of local green schoolyards workshops.  
Arden worked in the film industry in her former life, and has a bachelor’s degree in French literature from UC Davis. Her interest in urban agriculture is fueled by her family's organic farm and vineyard in Sonoma County, Ca. Arden lives in San Francisco and Sonoma with her husband and 3 mostly- grown sons. 
SFGSA is a nonprofit organization that serves children and families of San Francisco by building promoting and supporting green schoolyards.  We provide resources, training, and advocacy to school communities to help them create and sustain outdoor learning environments.


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